Some students do not receive welcome emails for some reason.

What you should do first:

  • ask these students to check all the folders - spam, promotions, social, forums - emails can go there as well

  • try to confirm your email: go to the Users section and find your account email (it's the 1st one in the list, you are an owner)

Make it confirmed

  • Students who have not begun your course and do not have any study history can be deleted from the Users list and added again.

In order not to make these students wait for their credentials, you can send them manually

First, add them in this way

Why students may not receive letters

  • there are some settings in your students' email accounts that send Gurucan emails to spam. Ask students to check it everytime they can't find emails

If nothing helped and student do not receive your welcome emails - contact our support team.


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