Certificates are the perfect way to encourage your students to complete your courses, retain them to learn from you more, and promote your courses on social media.

Zapier integration allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite certificate issuer platforms with Gurucan, so your students can receive their personal certificates automatically without your help!

In this example, we'll learn how you can integrate Gurucan with Accredible - a trusted digital badge and certificate platform. But you can follow this instruction to connect to any other certificate issuer of your choice. For example, CertifyMe works great as well.

Let's go!

Step 1. Open your Zapier account and go to Dashboard to create your Zap.

Note: with a free Zapier account, you can run 100 zaps a month (issue 100 certificates to your students). If you need more certificates, you can switch to a paid plan.

Step 2. Configure the Trigger and the Action

Choose Gurucan and Accredible as apps you want to connect together.

  • Your Trigger (the event that enables the process) can be "Finished course" or "Finished Exercise";

  • Your Action will be "Create Credential," which means issuing a certificate.

Then, click on the Try it button to proceed.

Step 3. Connect your Gurucan account.

To perform a connection with Gurucan, Zapier will ask you for an API Key.

You can find it in your Gurucan account in the Integration section.

  • Switch to Integration enabled;

  • Click on the Save button

  • Copy and paste the API Key to Zapier

Step 4. Connect your Accredible account.

To find an API Key for your Accredible account:

  • Sign Up/Log in to Accredible

  • Open the Settings in your Profile menu.

  • Scroll down to the API Management section and click on the Manage API Keys

  • Open your Default API Key

  • Copy your API Key from here and paste it to Zapier

    Step 5. Choose a certificate template in Accredible.

Before anything appears in this tab, you should go to Accredible and create your certificate Design and Group.

Learn more best practices and guides for creating and launching certificates in the Accredible Help Center.

Step 6. Select the fields you want to edit in Accredible Certificates.

The fields you are choosing now will be automatically inserted into each student's certificate according to the data stored in Gurucan. In my case, I'll add the Course name as an additional field. You can add more if you wish.

Step 7. Map fields from Gurucan into Accredible Certificates

Just choose the suitable option from the drop-down menu:

❗️ Dropdown options will only appear if you completed at least one course from your testing account. If not, just create a one-task Course, open your Student's dashboard and complete the Course.

Step 8. Send test

If your test ran successfully, you'd receive an email with the certificate πŸŽ‰

If you are happy with the results, Turn your Zap on. We recommend testing your Zap from the testing account live as well, so you can be sure everything is working correctly.

Note: with the free Accredible account, you can issue certificates for 20 customers per year. If you need more, you can switch to the paid plan.


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