Gurucan functionality allows to create articles either separately if you use the platform as your personal blog or as a part of your courses.

Steps are simple as usual

Check out first whether the Articles module is selected

You can re-name it

Articles are in the Products section

1.Add a name and a cover image

2. Limited and No limits access. How it works.

If you need your articles to be accessible not for everyone but for particular users, you have to add these articles to specific offers you can create from here

So the steps:

  1. Create an offer. Read more about offers

  2. Add an article to the offer in this way

  3. Select Limited access in the Articles settings

3. Categories

Create tags to make search for your students easier if there are lots of articles. Here's a short video about categories

They can sort out articles inside your school in this way

4. Content

Your article can consist of text only or you can add various content to make it more informative and easy-to-read

For example, my article contains Rich text


and call to action Button

This is how it's displayed in the Gurucan app

Something else, FYI

If you need to remove Articles\Chats blocks

you should make the following:

  1. Go to Offers

  2. Select Custom and don't select anything from the list

The blocks will be hidden

This is it


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