Here are some examples of the schools built on Gurucan by our awesome Creators. Try, test, inspire!

💫 Free or low-price content 💫

MacAutomation ACADEMY - free content
Marriage Courses - free content
Dancing school - free registration
FLOWYZE - free German language content
Italian news blog courses - free Italian language content
Online Training For Vegan and Plant-Based Entrepreneurs - starting from $17 a month
The Most Understandable Website Courses - starting from $2.99 a month
Relationship courses - Spanish language content, starting from $4 one-time payment

✨ The most inspiring schools: Paid content ✨

Baseball school
College Audition Coaching Course
6-week nutrition plan - Dutch language content
Career clarity program
Online Digital Marketing Training
The complete Clan Wellness offering!
Asia-focused courses in supply chain, procurement, and logistics

⭐️ White-Label apps ⭐️

  • Body Master - Workouts & Fitness Challenges with White-Label iOS and Android mobile app

  • Kid-Friendly Maryland - Day Trip Planning for Families on iOS and Android

  • Hypervibe - WBV Courses & Workouts on iOS

  • Reset360 Digital - Doctor Led Health Courses on iOS and Android

  • JustPlay Guitar Lessons - The guitar learning app on Android

  • Transcend - a variety of workshops and applicable life and corporate lessons aimed at self-improvement, transformation, and corporate success on iOS and Android

  • Veingard - The main direction of the Institute is to get acquainted with yourself, with your abilities and potential. Check out the apps on iOS and Android

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