STEP 1. Open Online school settings - General section, tick the Nutrition module, and click on Save

In your admin panel you can see the product Meal plans now

It consists of 2 blocks - Menus and Recipes

Students will see Nutrition and Recipes sections

Note that the word Nutrition can be changed in General settings

When you save it, your students will see it in the following way

STEP 2. Go to Meal plans, select Recipes - Add a recipe

Add your recipe name, description and upload an attractive photo

For your consideration, French Toast

Add useful info - cooking time, calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Also, you can add a recipe to a meal plan

To make your recipe more informative, add various content there

For example, you can add a video tutorial using YouTube\Vimeo\Wistia links or you can upload videos directly as well.

Add a yummu gallery to awaken desire in eating this food or it can be a step-by-step images guide as an option

Or describe your recipe in the highest terms with Rich text

Also, you can add files to download - some tips, photos, your extra recipes or something

Therefore, you can create a terrific guide so that everyone want to use it and cook as you do.

Check out this

Bon appetit and delicious online products!

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