Your school is ready to be popular with your students. You are going to receive payments for your hard work.

But you'd better check it first to be sure everything works perfectly.

You need:

  • to create a test offer. Read more about offers

Test offer creating

We propose to create an offer with a minimum price. For example, the minimum amount that Stripe can charge is $0.50. You can review all the currencies here.

Save everything, copy the link and open it in the Incognito window

Here is my test offer I need to purchase

Test offer purchase

Sign up and checkout

If the test payment was successful:

  • you will be charged (but it doen't mean everything's completed)

  • your student e-mail will appear in the CRM - Users section

  • the offer will appear in the test student's Purchased items block

  • in your admin's section Payment you'll see the Paid status

    not paid status means that the payment page was opened but didn't proceed with the card data. 

    We can't wait to see your school alive!


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