When your school is ready, you can check it as a student to be sure everything's ok.

You need:

some e-mail you don't use as the admin's one and have access to. It can be your second e-mail.

If you do not have such e-mail, you can add +1\+2\etc. to your admin's e-mail, for example, anastasia+1@gmail.com

2 ways to check:

Manual adding

Step 1

Go to the Users section in CRM

You will receive the Welcome e-mail you set up in the Marketing section. Read more about e-mails.

Step 2

Copy your school link

and open it in the Incognito browser mode

Done. You're inside your school as a student.


Step 1

Copy the school link and open it in the Incognito window as it's described earlier

Step 2

Sign up

Your e-mail will be added to the CRM - Users section in both cases

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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