Hello Gurucan creators! 🥳

This year was an important stage for Gurucan, our big start on the international market. And we want to thank each of you for being a part of this amazing journey! A lot of work has been done; we recognized our flaws and reevaluated our capabilities. Last several months, all our focus was on system updates connected with the stability and functionality of the platform. And still, let’s make an overview of all the features and important updates of this year:

  • Automated SSL Certificates for your custom domain

  • Created a new decoder and restructured all content architecture

  • Zapier integrations for checkout pages, online stores, and payment providers

  • Informative onboarding program that helps users to start their way on the platform in the most efficient way

  • Health check that increases the fault tolerance of the system

  • Enabled caching at all levels to increase the load speed

  • Included IDeal payment on Stripe

  • Opt-in cookies banner (Google analytics, FB pixel, etc.)

  • Embedded URL links in lessons

  • Admin panel translated for 4 languages, user’s interface in 13 languages

  • Customization on the footer section

  • Webhooks upgrade

  • Quizzes with multiple choices

  • Availability of coupons and promo codes

  • Availability of chapters for the courses

  • Drip content

Also, let’s have a look at the last updates of the week:

  • Email footer fixed

  • Customization of the signup page

  • Elsflight scrips’ support

  • Webinar bug fixed

Next year, we would like to expand our development team and add new features. Collected feedback from all of you has a huge impact and importance! We will consider it in our Product plan 2022. It is just the beginning, and we are impatient to see what the new year brings us!

Happy & Successful New Year! 🎄

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