First, let's see what downloadable content you can add to Gurucan

  • eBooks

  • music

  • podcasts

  • photos

  • guides and tutorials

  • podcasts

  • research and data

  • recipes and everything you can create as a file to share.

What formats you can upload as a downloadable content: PDF, CSV, TXT, PNG, JPG, PPTX, SVG, RAR, ZIP, MAX, MP3, MP4, MOV.

Also, let's make clear that you can add digital content to almost each product on Gurucan - courses, challenges, meal plans, articles - there is a Download option in the Add content section

But there is the way to create a separate block to sell digital products. Let's review the process.

  1. Re-name the module

Go to the General settings. There are the modules you add to your school.

We are going to use the Articles module to make a digital products section.

I'm going to create an e-books library. First, let's re-name it

2. Create an article

In your admin panel the word Articles will be left so you create articles = an e-book section. Your users can't see it

I haven't published a word so let me take picture examples from Google to show you how it can be displayed.

You can read more about Access and Categories in this article

The coolest thing: besides the file (your book) to download you can add various content as well:

  • Rich text, for example, is a good way to share some ideas if you wish. Or to add an Intro

  • Show your photo story using Gallery - something like 'My Way While Creating This Book', etc.

  • Finally, add the book itself as a file to Download

Or simply add a book, and don't overthink as I do.

What your library can be like

And this is the app

3. Create an offer

To make your books paid, you have to add them to an offer. You can read more about offers here.

We create an offer and add our product there

You can create one offer for one book. Or it can be one offer for several books

Basically, this is how your users see your book after they purchased it- its intro and the file itself in this case

In the same way you can create a music store

or anything else that can be purchased and downloaded by your users and customers.

For example, you are a yoga teacher. Besides courses you want to sell your extra tutorials you can't share with everyone via courses. Let's recall the steps:

  1. Re-name the module Articles

  2. Go the the Articles section and create an article = a tutorial

  3. Name the tutorial, add the cover photo

  4. Add a tutorial file

  5. Add some extra content like a video, fo example (optional)

  6. Create an offer

  7. Add the tutorial to the offer

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