Create product page images for your App (iOS and Android) all in one place using crafted templates. Customize and add your brand identity. Automatically creates graphics for both App Store and Google Play.

AppScreens allows creating product page images for all the app stores by simply uploading the screenshots. You need to choose the template and customize it once. What will you get? Ready to use product page/feature graphics to upload to App Store and Google Play.


How to use AppScreens?

Step 1 Create an account AppScreens

Step 2 Create a "Playground"

Step 3 Choose a template

Step 4 Select the sizes iPhone 5.5", iPhone 5.5", Android 6.28" and continue

Step 5 Upload screenshots for iOS (2 sizes)

Step 6 Upload screenshots for Android (1 size)

Step 7 Insert the descriptions you created on Stage 5

Step 8 Customize the graphics according to your brand book/ identity

Step 9 Play around with the graphics and make a nice looking sequence

Step 10 Preview and export

TIP: create 3 folders on your desktop for 3 different sizes to avoid losing the mockups.

Your product page graphics are ready! Proceed to App Store and Google play to upload and submit your images.

If you don't want to use AppScreens, there are some other options we can recommend: Figma, Canva, and Smartmockups.

Canva + Smartmockups

Canva [] has ready-to-use templates. Make sure you have all 3 types of mockups ready — iPhone 5.5”, iPhone 5.5”, Android 6.28”.

Here is a detailed article on how to create app feature screenshots using Canva:

Smartmockups [] allows creating mockups for all the devices. Make sure to upload the mockups without background. Don't forget to use appropriate screenshot sizes for each device type and size.


Figma allows the creation of any graphics. It is a more advanced tool but still easy and simple to use. Check how to make app screens and feature graphics for App Store and Google play using Figma

If you are comfortable working with Figma, you can create mockups and product page images.

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