Check the examples of the app screens you can use to make screenshots for App Store and Google Play app descriptions.

We are here to help you have a smooth and enjoyable process of creating your White Label App.

Uploading or creating your digital products is a significant part of app development and submission.

We came up with some recommendations on what content to upload to create successful screens for the app stores.

Attention! Google & Apple recommend submitting at least 4 screens representing your app, but not more than 10. From experience, we suggest going ahead and upload the content for at least 7 screens. You will choose your top 5 when creating the gallery for App Store and Google Play.

Here are some examples of how the content looks in the app.

Courses catalog — we recommend creating 3 courses with covers, titles, and descriptions. And upload at least 1 entire course

Course progress — it will be visible if you upload a course with several lessons and complete part of them or several courses

Video lesson — upload a video lesson

Digital download — lesson with text, image, and digital download

Lesson with report/homework — create a lesson with the ability to submit homework

Chat — a catalog of chats on different topics or one with the conversation from users (at least 4 messages)

Challenges — create at least 3 days, it will be nicely visible in the calendar mode

Quizzes — we recommend making at least 1 real question with answer options and an image. If you want to show the progress and successful completion, create at least 5 questions

Articles — commonly used to present additional materials outside the courses

Meal plans/recipes — perfect for nutrition and cooking apps

Workouts — upload the list of exercises with short videos, instructions, and countdowns (for fitness/workout apps)

When you uploaded all the necessary content, you are to prepare your app for submission and prepare screenshots of your app for AppStore and GooglePlay. These articles will help you:

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