We know that quizzes are a very efficient tool to control the learning process and the students' progress. They can be used as a brief assessment to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, or skills. And you know that it's possible to create them on Gurucan. Read here more about this option.

And this article deals with an extra option. In particular, this is one of the embedding quizzes from other websites. Let's explore it.

We follow these simple steps

  1. Where you can embed a quiz

  2. How to embed it

Let's start


Quizzes can be embedded into the products where the HTML block is. These are:




Landings are included in this list as well.


Piece of cake, actually. All we need is our quiz link and the code I'll introduce very soon.

I created my quiz on the Quizmaker website. It's not the best one and not our recommendation, just the example.

The first thing I do is getting the link

The next point is the code we need to add to the HTML block. Here it is

<iframe src="link" width="number in pixels" height="number in pixels">  </iframe> 

And my code is the following

<iframe src="https://www.quiz-maker.com/Q1DT0IU72" width="850 px" height="500 px">

I want to embed the quiz into my course lesson. No sooner said than done, and I add the code to the HTML block

Your numerical values can be different. It depends on the size you need. So, experiment. And this is how the quiz looks inside my school

Genial is simple, isn't it?

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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