1) Providing App Store Connect access to Gurucan team

Log in to the App Store Connect here:


Go to the Users tab:

Add a new user:

Fill out the form:

Please double check that you ticked the "Admin" role, the email is dev@gurucan.com, and Access to certificates, Identifiers & Profiles is ticked.

Please note: granting access to developer resources is only available for Business developer accounts, if the account is created for an Individual then it's not available and we'll need to get access to your Apple account to create the app! That's why creating an Apple Business developer account for a company is highly commended.

2) Providing Google Play access to Gurucan team

Go to the Google Play Console:


In the left menu select "Users and permissions"

Add gurucanapp@gmail.com and select your app:

And add all permissions:

And then press invite button.

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