Connect with your favorite tools using seamless Zapier integration! Receive payments through your own providers, use your own checkout pages and stores:

  • Thrivecart

  • ClickFunnels

  • WooCommerce

  • Digistore24

  • Sendowl

    and more!

In this article, we will see how to connect Thrivecart to Gurucan. The process is pretty simple: sell on Thrivecart, teach on Gurucan πŸŽ“

Note: The process of connecting other tools is almost the same. We recommend checking out the Help Center of the platform you want to connect and search for "Zapier." There you'll learn the specifics of the integration.

Let's start! πŸš€

STEP 1. The first things you need to start are a Thrivecart account and a Zapier account.

STEP 2. Open Zapier account and fill in the apps to connect.

STEP 3. Select a trigger on a Thrivecart and action for Gurucan.

Let's select this flow: when there is a Product Purchase on Thrivecart, Create a Student on Gurucan.

Click on Try it, and let's go further!

STEP 4. Sign in to your ThriveCart account.

STEP 5. Fill in the information about the product you want to connect with.

Find more information about each field in the Thrivecart help center. Here is the needed article.

STEP 6. Test the trigger.

Here is the advice from the Thrivecart on this step:

"If you have had any orders or events occur for the trigger recently, then clicking the [test trigger] button will pull that recent sample, though. Otherwise, you can default to a demo set of data.

If in doubt, go to the checkout and trigger the event you’re setting up (like completing a purchase for a product purchase trigger)."

If everything worked as it should, you'd see this:

The setup on a Thrivecart is completed. Now let's set it all up on the Gurucan side.

STEP 8. Sign in to Gurucan and fill in the API key.

You can find your API key in the Gurucan admin panel: follow to Online school settings - Integrations.

Open Zapier, enable integration, click on Save and copy the key.

STEP 9. Fill in the fields that will be shown on your Gurucan CRM about the newly created user.

When clicking on each field, you'll see the Thrivecart references.

Let's pay attention to two important fields:

  • Purchased items

    "Create a student" action that we set is not only creating a new user in your CRM but also assign one of your Offers to this student. The trigger will work only if the Product on your Trivecart and your Offer on Gurucan have the same names.

    So if your Offer on Gurucan is Cooking classes for beginners, you need to name your Thrivacart product the same way.

  • Do Not Send Signup

We recommend choosing False here. In this case, right after the purchase, your student will receive an email with credentials to the Gurucan account.

STEP 10. Test zap from Gurucan side.

Now let's check if the user was added correctly. Follow to CRM section - Users tab.

Our student is successfully added, and the needed Offer is assigned. Great job! πŸŽ‰

LAST STEP. Once you are ready, set your zap live.

Other tools integration specifics.

Clickfunnels. If you use Upsells in ClickFunnels, you must set up a separate zap for each funnel.

What's next?

πŸŽ“ How to connect your own CRM using Zapier?

πŸŽ“ What other integration options are available on Gurucan?

Connections are easier with Gurucan! πŸ€— Reach out to our support team if you need any help!

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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