A thriving student experience always takes two: great content and a simple dashboard to navigate while learning. We believe you have all the power you need to share your expertise through quality content. The rest is on us!

Let's look through the student's journey map on Gurucan.


    Whether you have free or paid products, your students have to sign up (or login) to your school to learn.

    The registration process is super easy: name, email, password and Check out button.

    How to create an Offer (pricing page of your products)

    Once your student is registered at your school, you'll see it in your CRM:

    You can also add students to your school manually. The further steps for them will be the same. Learn more about adding students to your CRM here.


    Depending on whether the email confirmation at your school is required, your student won't proceed with the education until the email address is confirmed.

Pro tip: Emails validation is set in the General Settings of your admin panel.

The email will be waiting in your student's inbox:

Untitled.png (2086×1114)

Customize your welcome emails (and others) as you wish, following this instruction.


Every time your student opens up a personal account, there will be a welcome page that you preset here.

Let's take a closer look:

  • Banner and your school description on the main screen;

  • Left sidebar menu with Modules;

  • Your Logo (it can be even animated);

  • Personal notifications about assessment check on the upper right corner;

  • App log in button and social media links on the bottom panel.

    Pro tip: Social media links can be inserted here in your admin panel:

  • Pro tip n2: You can always switch off the app button in your General settings:

  • The settings tab will help your students manage their credentials and track purchases.


On the welcome page, all the courses and other products will be displayed that students started going through with the progress bar to track.

How each of the Modules helps your students through their learning path?

  • Courses are the basic instrument to deliver your materials. Organize them into chapters, create as many lessons as you need, and put your knowledge into the best format (images, videos, audios, and more!).

Let's dive into one of the Courses, and you'll see!

How to create a Course guide

How to create a Lesson guide

  • Motivate your students through Challenges that are connected to specific dates and grow the partnerships in your community:

How to create a Challenge guide

  • If you're in the Nutrition/Cooking industry, the Recipes module will help!

  • Host Webinars to educate interactively.

  • Chat with your students and let them chat with each other by grouping them into cohorts.

  • Sell more of your content right in your student's account.

Or switch this feature off - it's all up to you.


Your students can switch between devices in 2 clicks by using a QR code. Let's look inside the app:

The mobile app is available on all Gurucan plans, so don't miss the opportunity to give your students the freedom to learn from literally anywhere.

Still not sure if you want to go mobile? We'll give you 9 good reasons why you certainly should.

How to engage students on their path?

No matter how good the content is, students get demotivated from time to time. But no worries, we've got you covered:

  • Invite your students to events

  • Celebrate their milestones

  • Remind about assignments

  • Provide your students with support

You can do it by sending automated emails, push notifications, or creating a special support chat for your student's needs.

Thank you for checking out the article! Let's build the best student's experience together:

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