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There is a nice option called Chapters you can use while creating your courses.

What do you need chapters for:

  • to separate lessons according to topics or some other characteristics.

  • to set up a drip content option

For example, I want to make 3 blocks: 1) Introduction 2) Practise 3) Test

And I have several published lessons inside these blocks.

You can add just 1 lesson to a chapter as well. It can be needed when you want to set up a Drip content option

How do we create chapters?

We name it first

Note that a chapter can't be published if it's empty. Lessons must be published inside

You can create lessons before or after and drag them.

Drip content

It's is needed when you want your students to receive content bit by bit, perhaps over the course of a few months, until they have access to the full library.

For example, I want my students to move on to the Practise section in 3 days after they started the Introduction one. I have to set it up in the following way

Students can't reach lessons in chapters with a drip content option earlier than it's set up.

To have a chapter cover, just add it to the first lesson of this chapter.

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