You want to raise your business to a new level - that's awesome! And releasing your own branded app is one of the most advanced ways to implement your ideas. And the good news is that Gurucan can cover all your needs in creating, developing, and releasing your branded app in AppStore and GooglePlay. However, before you dive in, let's dispel the most popular myths and doubts about White Label solution on Gurucan.

  1. If I subscribe to the Guru plan, the White-Label App will be included in my pricing plan.

No, Guru pricing plan does not include the White-Label app. It has White-Label App as an option (add-on), which you can purchase additionally. The building of the app files costs $2999 - it's a one-time WL fee. It also includes Moderation assistance‍, Dedicated app manager and Priority support.

To sum up, pricing for the White-Label consists of 2 parts: recurring payment for the Guru plan (monthly or annually) + $2999 as a one-time fee".

If you subscribed to the Guru pricing plan, and you want to release your own branded White-Label App, please, contact our support, and we will send you the invoice to pay for White-Label one-time fee. We will not be able to proceed with building your app files if this fee is not paid (even if you already subscribed to the Guru plan).

2. If I subscribe to Guru pricing plan and paid WL one-time fee ($2999), my own branded app will automatically appear in AppStore and GooglePlay on the next day. Or two.

No, of course, it's impossible. Before your app will be released, all the required App release preparation steps and stages have to be completed. These mandatory stages include the following:

- Creating and setting up your Gurucan account

- Uploading content to your Gurucan account. All the content created and published in your Gurucan account will be shown in your White Label App.

- Creating Apple and Google Developers accounts

- Fill in your App full info

- Fill in Legal info

- Prepare and upload marketing creatives

- Setting up the App purchases for your app

- Releasing and moderation of your app*

*these stages can be done by Gurucan team - it is an extra paid service

To structure and optimize the process of preparation and releasing your App, we will provide you the WL onboarding checklist. As soon as you fill in all the required fields and upload all the necessary content, our development team will build the App itself and provide you the ready-for-release APK file of your app.

Pay your attention, please, that after you complete your WL onboarding checklist, it takes at least 30 days for your App to appear in AppStore and GooglePlay (minimum 15 days building APK file by our tech team + minimum 15 days for moderation in AppStore and GooglePlay).

3. If I pay you for Guru pricing plan and WL one-time fee ($2999), you will do the rest of the work for me. I don't need to carry about anything else. My responsibility is to pay for my pricing plan - all the other steps and stages should be done by Gurucan team.

Sorry, but it does not work like this. White Label service on Gurucan is a self-submission service. Gurucan provides you the resources and tools to pack and publish your content and products under your brand in AppStore and GooglePlay. Gurucan does not provide content for your app. It means, that all the content, tech settings, design settings, etc, have to be provided, uploaded, and set up by you or by your team. No advanced programming or coding skills required - all the stages can be done by an average computer user. We provide the instructions and tutorials. By the way, the last stages of launching your App (Release and Moderation stages) should be completed by you as well.*

*there is an extra paid service in which we will complete Release and Moderation stages

Gurucan provides you the resources and tools to create and publish your content and products as a White Label app under your brand in AppStore and GooglePlay. But you will make a product itself, using the resources and tools provided by Gurucan.

4. If I do most of the work on releasing my White Label App, what do I pay Gurucan for?

There are a lot of options that are included in your Guru pricing plan. The most important is that our development team build an APK file of your App from the provided by you content, which will be completely ready for publishing and moderation in AppStore and GooglePlay. This APK file is the most important and advanced part of the whole process - it's impossible to publish your app in stores without this file. Our development team will build this APK file - this service is included in Guru pricing plan.

Moreover, we provide you priority support. And of course, all available features of Gurucan platform (and new features), such as course builder, marketing automation, webinars, Analytics & CRM, landing pages, unlimited bandwidth, etc. will be available for you by default. So you get a bunch of functions included + priority support + your own branded app, built from your content and ready-for-publishing in digital stores.

5. Ok, it's a self-submission service. I should release and pass moderation of my app by myself. But what if I want you to release my app and pass moderation? Do you provide this service? If yes, how much does it cost?

In short, there are two submission options to choose from - self-submission and Paid release management.

Option 1. When you pay for Guru pricing plan (annual OR monthly + Installation and app publishing), we will not charge any extra fees for release moderation, because in that case, after you receive an APK file of your app from us, you will release and pass Appstore and GooglePlay moderation by yourself. That is the meaning of self-submission service. Even you need to complete release and moderation yourself, you don't have any reasons to worry. We will provide you the detailed instructions and guidelines to pass these most important stages in releasing your app. Moreover, we are always available to support you if you face any unexpected difficulties.

Option 2. However, some White-Label users need extra options, which are not included in the main price. For example, some users want us to take care of the last stages of the App building and releasing process, like release management, uploading APK file, moderation. All these stages are included in our extra service Paid release management fee. In that case, these mandatory stages will be covered by our team. It costs $1 999. But as we said before: this service and this fee are optional. You don't have to pay for it if you don't need this extra service - you can always release your App in digital stares and pass the moderation by yourself - it is free.

6. White Label app means that it will be a completely new customized app with custom features and functions that I want. It will be created by developers from scratch. They will implement all my desires and ideas and create a completely new and unique product.

First, let's figure out what is White Label means - White label app is a branded Gurucan app individually published in App Store & Google Play Market with your icons and your brand name. Your students will be able to download your app from stores and it is possible to buy a subscription inside. However, the functionality of your Whitle Label app for iOS & Android will have exactly the same functionality as the general Gurucan app.

As you know, developing a completely new individual app needs tons of resources. It usually takes hundreds of working hours for a team of developers, and, as a result, it is expensive. Our White Label offer is a more affordable solution for those, who don't want to spend too many resources but still need to have branded app available for users in AppStore and GooglePlay.

7. It will be possible to release my app even if I did not prepare and upload any content to my Gurucan account. My app will successfully pass Apple/Google moderation even if my Gurucan account does not have any uploaded content - the content does not matter.

No, your content matters a lot. Apple and Google reviewers will make decision on releasing your app according to how you prepared the content of your app in advance. Apple/Google reviewers will observe your app and its content. They make a decision to accept and publish your app or reject it according to the content they see in your app. The content you publish in your Gurucan account will be presented in the White-Label app. You can't submit your app to AppStore/GooglePlay if you haven't prepared and uploaded your content well. Apple and Google reviewers will automatically reject your app because of a lack of content.

Have doubts on what content should be published in your app? Check this article. It gives a clear idea of how a filled account should be

8. If I launch my White Label App, I can sell my products/courses directly and get 100% profit, bypassing Apple/Google commission.

Actually, you can sell your products inside, as well as outside of the White-Label iOS/Android app. However, according to the Apple/Google terms, if you have a paid products in your app, you can't sell them ONLY outside of the iOS/Android app. In that case, you have to sell your digital products/courses using an internal in-app purchases system as well. Apple/Google deducts a commission of 15/30% on in-app purchases sales. You can sell your Gurucan products directly from the web version of your school on Gurucan. However, you can't grant or induce users to buy your products only via the web version of your school on Gurucan. Moreover, you have no right to make a price for the same product in the White-Label app and on the web version different. You are not allowed to set higher prices for your products in the app and set lower prices on the web version of your school. It is strictly prohibited by Apple/Google policy. If you have paid products inside your app, but your Apple/Google in-app purchases are not set up, Apple/Google will consider that you bypass their in-app purchase policy and publication of your application will be refused. If your app is already published and you ignore Apple/Google in-app purchases policy, your app most likely will be banned.

Well, you have two options to choose from:

  • If you don't want to use Apple/Google in-app purchases, your app should be free; there shouldn't be any paid products inside. You can't sell access to your White Label app paid products ONLY outside your app.

  • If you want to sell paid products using your White Label app, you have to sell them using Apple/Google in-app purchases. Apple/Google takes 15/30% commission on in-app purchases sales. In that case, you can also sell your products directly from the web version of your school, but the price should be the same.

What we recommend you to do before you move forward to get our White Label solution:

  • Create and set up your Gurucan account

  • Upload the content to your Gurucan account

These stages are important because the content of your White Label app will be based on the content uploaded to your Gurucan account.

You will be guided on the rest of the mandatory stages of White Label app building by receiving the WL onboarding checklist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, pay attention - no matter if you pay for your Guru pricing plan monthly or annually, you have to pay the one-time White Label fee of $2999 if you want to release your app. This payment includes:

- App build (APK)

- Moderation assistance
‍- Dedicated app manager
- Priority support

Until it is paid, our team will not proceed with your White-Label app building request.

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