As soon as you initiate the process of building your White-Label App, you will receive an invitation to our specially prepared WL onboarding checklist. How to deal with this checklist? Let's observe, how to fill in and complete this WL onboarding checklist.

First, you will receive the list of the tasks to complete Sage 1 of the checklist:

To manage, edit, and fill in the necessary information, you need to dive into Karbon interface. To do this, press "Manage checklist" button.

After that, you have to choose a 4 digit pin to securely access your checklist from any device.

After the authorization on Karbon, a detailed view of the Sage 1 will be opened:

You can click on any point to pop up a window with more detailed information about the selected section.

Some sections of the WL onboarding checklist must be completed by typing the essential info or uploading files. How can this be done?

For example, in Provide email associated with your Gurucan account task, your main Gurucan account email must be provided. This is how you can do it: click on this task, click Comment, and simply type your Gurucan account email. When it's ready, click on Add comment.

Some tasks, for example, Upload icon (Stage 5) require uploading media files that will be used in building your app. To complete this step, upload the prepared file by clicking on the task; then click Upload files, choose the file, wait until the file is uploaded, and click Post

After completing any of the provided tasks, it is mandatory to tick a task as Done. Simply tick the little square icon associated with the completed task. The status of the task will be automatically changed to Completed.

Please, don't forget to tick the tasks you completed, so our team will know which exact step you are in. It will help us to control the process and support you in the best way.

All provided stages/tasks of WL onboarding checklist are required. They should be done in Karbon interface. Until they are all done, our engineering team cannot proceed with building your White Label App.*

* all stages, except Stage 8 and 9. These stages should be done after you receive developed APK files of your App for submitting to App Store and Google Play.

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