Congratulations! 🎉

Our team is happy that you are initiated the White Label building process. It means you are ready to take your knowledge business and brand to the next level!💪

You made one of the most important steps in building and releasing your own White-Label App.* You launched the process!

However, sometimes it is still unclear, what are the next steps? What should you do to build your app as soon as possible? How can you speed up the process?

Actually, you are the main ruler of this process. And how long it will take to release your White-Label App mostly depends on you. We provide you "engine and car", but you decide how to drive this "car". And how fast you will drive it. 🚗

It means that we provide you resources for building your White-Label App. Moreover, our development team will do the most complicated task (like building the App itself). But how can you "drive" the process?

In short, you just need to provide our team all the information and attachments that are necessary for launching the process successfully. It includes, for example, uploaded content (courses/offers/articles), the connected payment gateway, Google & Apple developer accounts, full info about your App, legal info, etc.

To ease, structure, and accelerate this process, we prepared the WL onboarding stages/tasks list. You will receive this WL onboarding checklist as soon as you pay for your White-Label App subscription.

Here is the example of Stage 1 and tasks included in this Stage that you receive first:

In the next following weeks, after subscribing to the Guru pricing plan (White-Label subscription), you will receive similar letters that will include the next mandatory stages to help you to prepare everything for releasing your App. Please, complete these steps using the provided interface (Karbon) and keep us updated on the stages.

Here are the Stages in building your White-Label App*

*the number of the stages may vary - it depends on release management. It can be self-submission or we can take care about release from Stage 8 (it's an extra paid option)

As we said before, ALL the stages and tasks are compulsory for fulfillment.

Otherwise, the release of your app will be delayed until you complete all the stages/tasks. Our tech team simply can't proceed with your app if some data is missing.

As soon as you provide us all the necessary details on your App and complete your WL onboarding checklist, our team will quickly proceed with building your App. It does not take much time for our team to build the App itself, but only in case you provide us everything we need.

We are sure that your ideas will be implemented in the best way! We wish you success in building your own White-Label App! We are always here to support you😉

*More info is on our official website:


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