Gurucan digest is back here. Let's start it with some good news🎉


  • First of all, our App is back again in Google Play and available for download!

  • Secondly, we want to present to you our partnership with AppSumo Marketplace.

For a long time, it was only possible to sell software with AppSumo, but now Marketplace is available for knowledge entrepreneurs!

Once your initial products are ready, it is time to sell them and reach out to the audience! AppSumo marketplace is the perfect place for you to reach over 1,000,000 founders, affiliates, entrepreneurs, seekers to learn and start making more money.

  • We highlighted the details on how and why you should join the AppSumo Marketplace here.

  • Also, don't forget to check the step-by-step guide on the code redemption and the setup process.

You all have great products, and it's time to reach a bigger audience!


  1. We at Gurucan take GDPR compliance seriously, and we hope that you too. Gurucan provides you the opportunity to add a cookies disclaimer to the web version of your school using Custom code in the Tech settings of your admin panel.

Please be aware that not all the services have good compatibility with our platform. One of the recommended ones is iubenda, but you are free to try other options 😉

2. And the last for today but not the least. We want to share a helpful Guide on how to use Button (with the tips that you may not know yet):

The button is a great instrument that you can use in various types of scenarios. You can find in every Add block section:

Let’s observe how it works first 👀

There are two options: Internal link and External link.

  • The internal link allows you to choose any of your existing products or offers to lead your students there.

For example, you can leave a button to your Articles in the Email broadcast or encourage your students to check other Offers you have.

  • The external link is an elegant way to lead your student anywhere you want from Zoom meetings to type forms.


Pro tip: if you want to customize your email confirmation button in the Welcome letters to your students, for example, change the title to your custom language, you can easily do it with the Button as well.

Instead of a standard email confirmation block in the Email templates section, use the external button with this link:


Here you can find more about dynamic data in your emails.

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