Let's learn, how to set up your PayPal account to receive payments on Gurucan, and where to find your PayPal Client ID and PayPal Secret. If you are confused about that (just as this little girl above), don't worry - this article will guide you!πŸ˜„

If you want to accept and receive payments for your products on Gurucan using PayPal, first, please be sure that you use a Business PayPal account.

PayPal allows you to use your PayPal account as a payment gateway only in case your account upgraded to a PayPal Business account

If you already have a Personal PayPal Account, you can upgrade it into a Business account. Here is how you can do that: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-change-the-type-of-paypal-account-i-have-faq900

If you haven't a PayPal account yet, you can simply create it directly on PayPal. This instruction will also help you: https://www.paypal.com/us/brc/article/how-to-open-a-paypal-business-account

When you are set up and ready to use, now it's time to get your credentials - PayPal Client ID and PayPal Secret.

Here are the mandatory steps:

1) Go to the following website https://developer.paypal.com and click on "Log into Dashboard". Log in by entering your PayPal Email and password.

2) Go My Apps & Credentials - Create App

In the window that appears, fill in all the required lines. In the Name field, you can enter the name of your online school on Gurucan, or just simply write "Gurucan", "My school", "My courses", etc.

When you created an APP, you will see SANDBOX API CREDENTIALS


It's impossible to accept and receive payments for your products on Gurucan using SANDBOX API CREDENTIALS (keys). You can accept and receive payments ONLY if you have LIVE API CREDENTIALS. Where can you find them?

3) To switch between Live and Sandbox, first click on "My Apps & Credentials" in the left main menu, then click on Live, and then on the desired App you want to know the Client and Secret keys. Note that Sandbox and Live have different Client IDs and Secret Keys.

GURURCAN supports only Live PayPal keys

You'll find your Live Client IDs and Secret Key there:

Now your PayPal account is ready to become a payment gateway to sell your products on Gurucan.

All you have to do now is to put your Live Client IDs and Secret Key to Gurucan payment gateway settings and start selling!

More info on how to set up your PayPal integration on Gurucan's side you can read here.

In addition, we highly recommend you test your PayPal integration. You can create a test Offer and make a test purchase to check if your PayPal integration works fine.

When you make the test payments, you can see a report - were they successful or not. To check it, go to your Admin panel to the Dashboard section. In this section, you'll find all the payments. In case the payment was completed well, you will see Paid in the Status tab. It means that your payment gateway works normally.

And finally, you've done it! Good job!😊

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