Step 1 Request the Code Redemption feature in Support Chat.

Once it’s activated, it will appear in your Admin Panel.

Marketing-> Coupons -> AppSumo Codes

AppSumo codes

Step 2 Create a CSV file with your unique codes.

The maximum number of codes is 100 at the moment. But if you need more, just contact our support team and we'll upgrade the number for you. It depends on your goal — how many digital products you want to sell to Sumo-lings.

Here is an example of the CSV file. One code=one line.

AppSumo codes

There are several online free tools to generate codes, Voucherify is one of them. Very simple and easy to use. You can export codes to Excel.

NOTE: You need to upload the same CSV file to your AppSumo and Gurucan

Step 3 Add AppSumo Codes by uploading the CSV file and assign it to the specific offer. All set!

AppSumo codes

Step 4 Manage and monitor the status of the codes.

AppSumo codes

If you finished your listing or want to change it on AppSumo Marketplace and still have some codes left, we recommend removing them from the system.

Imagine that you issued 1000 codes for your listing, but Sumo-lings purchased only 900 codes. And you want to stop the listing or change it. Simply create the CSV file with the not-redeemed codes. And use the “Bulk delete” feature to secure your digital product.

How to delete AppSumo codes?

Step 1 Create a CSV file with not-redeemed codes.

Step 2 Go to Marketing -> Coupons -> AppSumo Codes

Step 3 Upload CSV file and the codes will be deleted.

AppSumo codes delete

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