AppSumo is the # 1 community for entrepreneurs wanting to grow a business and sell their product! For a long time, it was only possible to sell software with AppSumo, but now Marketplace is available for knowledge entrepreneurs!

Gurucan allows creating and selling online courses, memberships, digital downloads, access to the community, webinars, group chats, all as different digital products or mix & match them all in bundles! Totally up to you.

Once you have your did initial products ready, it is time to sell them and reach out to the audience! AppSumo marketplace is the perfect place for you to reach over 1,000,000 founders, affiliates, entrepreneurs, seekers to learn and start making money.

If your digital product or tool will help entrepreneurs grow their business, boost revenue, and expand — AppSumo Marketplace is an excellent fit for you!

That’s why we teamed up with AppSumo and added the Code Redemption feature to Gurucan. Now you can attract a whole new audience from AppSumo.

How to start selling on AppSumo Marketplace?

Step 0 Create digital products using your Gurucan account.

Step 1 Create AppSumo account and Submit your product

Step 2 Wait for the approval from AppSumo team and add details if needed.

Typically it takes around a week for your listing to go live!

How do I submit my digital product?

The self-submission process is straightforward and detailed.

Product basics — your product title, link, category, etc.

Images — simply the cover image of your digital product

Copy — complete description of your product, sales pitch

Price — show the original price from your website and set up a special one for Sumo-lings, don’t forget to highlight the key features

Redemption — choose the terms and rules of product access, upload your CSV file with unique codes

How does AppSumo connect with my Gurucan account?

Selling digital products on AppSumo is a Code redemption-based process.

What does it mean?

👋🏻 I am a member of Sumo-lings community

💳 I found and bought your course on AppSumo Marketplace

🔑 Now I have a unique Code, which I need to redeem to gain access

😃 I become your user and redeem the code in your Gurucan-based website instead of paying via Stripe/PayPal

Gurucan also provides a step-by-step guide on code redemption and the setup process.

AppSumo provides a huge relevant audience, collects money, and you deliver the content! Join Community Marketplace and start selling your awesome digital products!

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