Hello from the Gurucan team!

From now on, every two weeks, we are going to share with you the latest news, updates, and current issues with this digest.

We are incredibly grateful for your feedback, suggestions, and ideas! Please never stop sharing your thoughts with us and upvote features in our public roadmap.

FYI: We expect a new feature release from the tool (Kampsite.co) we are using for our roadmap. It will allow turning all your suggestions into a live roadmap. Once it's ready — we will update everything in the link.😉

Meanwhile, here is our updated product roadmap for 2021:

Please note that we will be updating the roadmap and reviewing it constantly. We believe that it is crucial to stay up-to-date and listen to the community.

This is an outlined plan of technical, marketing, sales, and community features. There are some new features that we will be adding from scratch, and we are excited to bring new valuable tools. One of the significant updates is a fresh new UX/UI of the admin panel. We are planning to make it live in Summer 2021!

Besides the product roadmap, there are some more plans and work in progress worth sharing with you:

  • more types of group Q&A sessions (General, Tech, White Label) and pre-recorded ones

  • course and training series about how to use Gurucan and launch online courses/memberships/communities

  • Gurucan expert program, where freelancers from our Community can offer their help on a paid basis; we are developing a page and form for an easier way to collaborate

  • White label questionary and guides upgrade

Latest updates and fixes:

  • Now, it is more convenient to copy promo code data. You don't need to open the promo code card; click on the promo code name instead.

  • You can link your promo code/coupon to an Offer. Complete info is waiting for you in our Help Center

  • Email marketing. It is now possible to filter Purchased Items by Offer:

  • Fixed return button in the App.

  • Fixed the "Send emails button" in the Email broadcast.

Stay tuned!

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