Let's get through registration procedures and logging in to your account and the most popular errors you may face.

Sign Up procedure

  1. Enter your name and email.

  2. Fill in the password (6 symbols minimum). Make it strong! πŸ’ͺ🏻

  3. Do not forget to check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and confirm it.

  4. Pass the Captcha and start your trial! 🌟

If you have difficulties signing up, please clear your cache & cookies or try another browser and check. Also, make sure you are not using AdBlocker.

Also, you have the option to sign up fastly, using your Google account.

This email is already in use error.

There are two reasons why you can face such an error:

  • you already have the account as the school's admin, indeed. Then you have to use the password recovery option.

  • you have the account as a student of the school on Gurucan. In this case, you can add +1 to your actual email.

    For example, you have an account on gurucan@hotmail.com at some school, but you want to register as the school owner. Then you enter gurucan+1@hotmail.com and proceed with registration. You will receive the confirmation letter (and all the other letters) on your actual email gurucan@hotmail.com.

Sign In procedure

Log in to your account is easy: enter your credentials. 😊

Username or password incorrect error

To recover your password, use this link.

We will need your email

πŸ’­ If you don't receive the confirmation letter:

  • check your SPAM, Promotions,Forums folders

That's all, folks!

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