With Gurucan, you can easily accept payments using three providers:

  • Stripe

❓ How to set up Stripe as a payment gateway

  • PayPal

❓ How to connect PayPal as a payment gateway

❓ (the article will be published soon 😊)

Additionally, we can connect iDeal and Bancontact via Stripe at your request. Contact our support team to get help:

You can find the Payment gateway options in the My Account section.

When your gateway is set, we recommend making a test payment. Create a small price Offer and check via the Incognito mode of your browser.

❓ What if your test payment doesn't work:

1) You have connected to more than one payment gateway at a time.

Please note that you can connect to only one payment gateway at the moment. If you wish, there would be an opportunity to connect a few at a time, upvote for this feature on our roadmap.

If you want to switch the payment gateway to another, make sure you disabled which was connected in the first place.

2) You have connected your own domain, but the SSL isn't connected. Set up the secure connection for your domain and try again.

3) Make sure your Offer's price riched the minimum for Stripe.

4) Make sure your PayPal keys are live and not Sandbox.

5) Clear your cache & cookies, or try another browser and check. Also, make sure you are not using any VPN or AdBlocker.

If nothing helped, no worries! Contact us in chat, and we'll be glad to assist! 😊

Do you want to know how to get your payment statistics? See the article πŸ€—


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