Quick managing.

To see all the codes you have, you need to open the Marketing section - Coupons tab.

There you will see the general information about your code: the title, the amount or percent of discount, how many codes were already used, for how long it's active, whether it's published or not.

Also, you can quickly delete, edit, publish or unpublish your code.


If you click on Edit or open the code, you'll see its settings. There will be the same info as in the creating process. You can change everything, but the changes will apply only to the new uses of the code.

Do not forget to click on Save.


In the same tab, you'll see the Statistics data: the date, amount the user paid, the user's email, the status of the purchase, and revenue.

❓ Why the code may not work:

1) It's not published. Codes in the Draft mode won't work.

2) The start date is in the future.

3) The currency of your code differs from the currency of your Offer.

4) If you have the Subscription (recurring plans) and your Payment gateway is Stripe, the codes won't work yet. It will be possible very soon!

PayPal recurring plans work fine with codes.

Note: if the students apply the promo codes for your Subscription type offer, the price will be reduced for all the next charges. For example, when the student applies a 10 USD discount for a monthly subscription of 80 USD, he will pay 70 USD every month as long as he has the Subscription.

We wish you success in promoting your projects with promo-codes and discounts! If you have any questions, just write to our support chat! 🧑


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