The number of admins that you can have at your school depends on your pricing plan. In this article, we will learn what types of admins there are on our platform and their access levels.

There are 3 roles available: Curator, Editor, and Owner.

1. Curator

Access only to Chats and Homework.

That’s how the admin panel will look like for the Curator:

2. Editor

Access to:

  • Chats and Homework.

  • Products (creating, editing, deleting all the existing products).

  • Tech settings

Admin panel for the Editor:

❗️ IMPORTANT: There is no option to assign a particular product (Course, Challenge, etc.) to one Editor specifically. All Editors will have the same rights and views. However, we consider adding such a feature in the future. You can upvote for it here to support it.

3. Owner

Full access to everything. The admin panel will be just like yours.

❔ Visit this article to find out where and how you can manually add users (admins and students) to your school database.

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