In the Challenges, you can create tasks connected to specific dates. They have Start and Finish time. You can make them free to warm-up your audience with some activity or paid as a part of your educational path. It's all up to you. 😊

Let’s create one Challenge together, and you will see how easy it is!

STEP 1. Go to the Products section - Challenges tab and click on Create a new challenge button.

STEP 2. Fill in your challenge name, a short description, a full description, and upload a cover photo.

Note: Formats that are permitted PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF. The recommended size is 1280x720.

STEP 3. Choose a Start date (it cannot be in the past) of your Challenge, Finish date (last day of your marathon), and Last entry date (you can choose any day between the Start and the Finish). After this date, enrollment in your challenge will be automatically closed, which means that new students cannot take part in it. It won’t affect the registered students.


  • Choose the number of free tasks that will be available for your students.

  • Choose a category from the created ones or add a new one there, so your students can filter the Challenges. There is an article about how categories work.

  • Create an Offer or see in which your Challenge is included.

Check out the article about how to create an Offer and products there.

STEP 5. Set up the tasks.

  • Choose if they will be available all at once or will be opened to your students one-by-one (the next task won’t open until the previous one is completed).

  • Fill in the number of tasks after the failing (or not completing) of which the student will be expelled. Leave it empty if you don’t need this option.

  • Add lessons, quizzes, and workouts by clicking on pluses. If you need more detailed information about creating tasks, check out the articles below.

What are the task types in Courses?

How to create a workout?

How to create a lesson?

  • Manage the created lesson by hovering the cursor over the “Setting” button from the right side. There you can Delete, Edit, Copy, Publish/Unpublish the task, and set the date of opening.


  • Attach a chat to your Challenge. Then your students will see a button with a chat in your lessons so that they can go right into the discussion.


  1. A single chat can be attached to multiple courses and challenges.

  2. Don’t forget to attach the chat to the Offer where your Challenge is included. Otherwise, it won’t be available for your students.

What are Gurucan chats, and how to create them?

How to add chat to an offer?

  • Attach an email from the drop-down list sent to your students after the Challenge is started. If you don't know how to create an email, follow the article below. 👇🏻

How to set up automatic emails?

STEP 7. Click on Save and Publish.

Note: If you’re Challenge is not Published, it will stay in the Draft and be invisible to your students 👇🏻

STUDENT'S SIDE. As our Challenge is finally set and ready, let’s see how it will look like from the student’s side by clicking on the Preview button on the bottom menu or via web-version of your school:

Here is our Challenge with the starting date, the number of lessons, cover photo, name, and short description.

Now let’s enter it and see it from the inside.

And that’s how your Challenges look from the app:

Good job! If you have any additional questions, contact us in chat. We'll be happy to help you out. 😉

We can't wait to see your school alive!


How to create a course

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