If you need advanced options to control and manage your CRM system on Gurucan, you can integrate an external CRM service using Zapier. Let's observe, how to do that.

Step 1.

Go to Online school settings - Integrations. We are interested in Zapier option. Click on Configure button.

Step 2.

Create an account on Zapier if you haven't one

Step 3.

Move the checkbox to enable this feature

Step 4.

Follow the link in the Zapier integration description

Step 5.

Click on Accept Invite & Build a Zap on Zapier website

Step 6.

At the right top corner click on Make a Zap!

Step 7.

Find Gurucan app in the list of the apps and choose it

Step 8.

Choose Trigger event. In our case we need to click on User Signed Up option to collect new users in our external CRM system

Next, click Continue

Step 8.

Click Sign in to Gurucan

You'll see this field:

Now we need to generate our Api Key

Step 9.

On Gurucan (Zapier integration menu) click Re-generate API Key. Copy this generated key

Step 10.

Let's turn back to Zapier. Paste our generated on Gurucan account Api Key to the Api Key window on Zapier. Next click on Yes, Continue button

Step 11.

When the Api Key is connected, click Continue

Step 12.

Now we choose what CRM service you want to connect with Gurucan. Zapier provided a lot of options like Google Sheets, MailerLite, ActiveComaign, Jira, Trello etc. So you can integrate these services to your Gurucan account using Zapier. In our case, we'll choose amoCRM

Step 13.

Let's create a new lead. Click on Create Lead and then Continue

Step 14.

Now we need to Sign in to amoCRM (if you haven't account, first you need to create it). Then in the pop-up window insert:

1) your email

2) ApiKey of amoCRM. You'll find it in Your Profile main settings on amoCRM. Copy it and paste it in our-pop pop-up window of Zapier (below the email field)

3) Your amoCRM subdomain. You'll find it in the browser address bar when your on amoCRM tab*.

*supportgurucancom - this subdomain is just an example. You'll have your own one.

Step 14.

Insert all the necessary information to Zapier pop-up window and click Yes, Continue

And click Continue on the main Zapier tab

Step 15.

Now we need to test how it works. Create a custom Lead

Step 16.

Choose a Lead Name. In our case we use User Name - Integration (you need to choose your option). Then click Continue

Step 17.

Choose Unique Status Identifier. In our case it's New Stage 1 (you need to choose your option)

Step 18.

Click on Test & Continue

Step 19.

The Lead was created. Click on Reset & Continue

Voila!🎉 It's ready! Let's see:

Super! Good job! We've just integrated Gurucan to amoCRM via Zapier. You can make your individual settings and customize your integrations. Good luck!😉

We wish you success in using Gurucan!😄

If you face any difficulties while learning our platform, you can observe our Help Center or contact our support team.

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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