Tags are the optimal way to keep your database organized. Also, it simplifies the process of finding users in your database. Moreover, it helps you group your user/students and make some actions with the whole group of selected users/students. For example, you can organize email broadcast only to the group of the students chosen by tags.

As you can see, Tags are helpful. Let's see how to add tags to a user or how to remove tags from a user.

Step 1. Go to CRM - Users section and select the user/student you want to add the tag to.

Step 2. In the User info window scroll down to the Tags section. Now we can create a new Tag or assign the already created Tags.

  • to create a new tag - type a tag name and press Enter or click Create [tag name]. Let's create a new tag called "Spanish speaker" as an example.

It's done!

  • to add an existing tag - press on the arrow sign and choose a tag that is already created

By the way, you can add multiple tags for each student

  • you can delete tag from a user - if you want to delete a single tag from a user, click on the little cross (it's on right from the tag name)

Also, you can delete all tags from a user by clicking a bigger cross sign on the Tags section

  • you can completely delete unused tags from your system - press on arrow sign, and in the list of the tags, choose those that you want to delete and click on the cross sign

▶ That's how we can add/remove tags form a single user. How to add/remove tags to a group of users/students?

In the Users base select the users, who you want to add/remove tags.

Then click on Add tags or Remove tags (depends on what you want to do) and complete the action by adding or removing the selected tags

Step 3. Now we know, how to manage tags. It's time to use them!

  • And now we can use it, for example, to sort our users/students in the User database:

  • We can organize email broadcast (beta function) only to selected users by using tags

As you can see, using tags can optimize our workflow on Gurucan👍

We wish you success in using Gurucan!😄

If you face any difficulties while learning our platform, you can observe our Help Center or contact our support team.

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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