There is a special field on Gurucan's admin panel that allows you to view all the information about every student/user. Let's observe how to get there and what options are open to you in this field.

First, how to get there? The information about every user is stored in the CRM - Users section.

When you open this section, you can see the table of all the registered users/subscribers.

Now, we want to view detailed information about one selected user. Click on that student in the list. The "User info' window opens. What information can we view and edit at this window? Let's see:

Name (required field) - the name of the student/user

Role - the role of the user. Is it just a simple user/student? Or do you want to give this user more rights? In this case, you can assign an editor/curator/owner role. More information about roles you can be read in this article.

Email (required field) - the email of a user.

Email status - confirmation of the email address (only if the confirmation is required). If a student has a problem with confirming his/her email, you can confirm it manually in this field by changing the status to "Email confirmed."

City - a place where your student lives

Phone - a phone number

Tags - you can tag every customer to ease navigation through the list of the users. You can assign tags by selecting them. How to create and manage them you can learn here.

Purchased items - the list of the purchased items. In this field, you see and edit the list of the products that are open to users. How to add any product (even paid) to a user manually you can read in this article.

Status - in this field, you can see 1) when a user last visited a course; 2) did a user installed the app; 3) and when a user's profile was created.

Courses - you can see the courses that users currently study or the courses that are already completed.

By the way, in this tab, you can change the status of the student/user in the selected course. To do so, tick on the chosen course and then click on the Change status button.

You can choose between Active and Expelled statuses. Choose Expelled if you want to expel a user/student from the selected course.

Payments - you can see all payments made by the client

Actions - you can see the list of the action completed by clients.

Active subscriptions - you can see the list of the active subscriptions of the user.

If you make any changes to a user's account (for example, you change a role or insert a phone number), don't forget to click on the Save button after completing it.

That's how you can view/edit detailed information about each of your users.

We wish you success in using Gurucan!

If you face any difficulties while learning our platform, you can observe our Help Center or contact our support team.

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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