The lesson is one of the task types. It’s available in the Courses and Challenges. Let’s create one and see what content you can add there.

STEP 1. Open one of the created Courses or Challenges, scroll down to the Tasks section and click on Lesson.

STEP 2. Fill in the lesson name (required field), lesson description and upload a cover photo.

STEP 3. Add report section.

Choose if your students will have to send the report (homework, feedback) after completing the lesson. Learn everything about Report here in this article.

A report is not required here. Students move on to the next lessons

Or a report is required

STEP 4. Add blocks.

Click on Add content button, and you’ll see the list of all available content options.

Let’s check them only by one!

  • Rich text.

Here you can add your text part: format it as you want, make headings, lists, add emojis. It’s all up to you!

  • Image

Add images to this block. The recommended size is 1280x720. The available formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF.

  • Gallery

In this block, you can add a few images. We recommend no more than 15. The size and format are the same as for the Image block.

  • Video.

Upload a video to Gurucan hosting and thumbnail photo if needed.

Check out these articles before uploading:

What are the supported video formats

How to upload videos to Gurucan so that they load quickly

Video content protection on Gurucan

IMPORTANT: Please note that the time of decoding may vary from a few seconds to a few hours according to the length, resolution, and other factors. We suggest waiting and if the video is still not uploaded, contact us via chat.

  • YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia

The mechanism is the same for all of the hosted videos. Just add the needed block, insert the link to your video, click on Save, and that’s it. 👍🏻

Read more about Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube videos in lessons

  • Audio

Available formats: mp3, m4a, oga, m4r. Recommended size no more than 300 MB.

  • Download

Add files for your students to download. Formats available: PDF, Word Document, Excel, RAR, ZIP, MAX, etc.

Note that when students download files, files' names are changed like this.

But they always can be renamed by students after download

  • Quotes/Testimonials

Use this block as an inspiration tool or the opportunity to share the feedback from your students with others or in any other way. 😊

In this block, you can add the formatting text, the icon with the author, and the author’s name. Don’t forget to click on Save. The created quote will appear below.

  • Advantages.

Use this block to share the advantages of your course/school/learning path with students or adapt it for your content.

In this block, there is no formatting tool, just a short description and a small icon (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF). The created advantages will appear below as well.

  • Questions.

Add FAQ section super quickly here. Question and Answer text is all you need. Don’t forget to click on Save.

  • Button

There are two options available:

Internal link - leads to any of the created products that you have at school.

External link - leads to anywhere you want. Just fill in the needed data.

  • HTML

Insert HTML code into your lesson.

If you are inserting the link, make sure it's the following format:

<iframe src="LINK"></iframe>

IMPORTANT: Please note, that HTML code is visible for your students only via web version at the moment. HTML blocks are not supported by Gurucan iOS/Android App.

Upvote for this feature here to support it.

We’ve gone through all the blocks! 🙌🏻

STEP 5. Managing blocks.

Once your blocks are created, you may need to swap or change them. Near each block, there is a sidebar menu.

There you can:

  • Swap the blocks up and down

  • Delete them

  • Copy

Use the Paste from clipboard block to paste the copied one within the lesson or even another of your courses, challenges, etc.

In such blocks as Questions, Advantages, and Quotes, you can manage the created once from here:

STEP 6. Save, Preview, and Publish.

Use the bottom menu to manage the lesson. 👇🏻

The lesson is ready! 🤩 Now let’s see how your students will see it.

Thank you for checking the article! If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us via chat! 😊

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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