The Course is a fundamental instrument to keep you content. Here you can add lessons, chapters, quizzes, and use other different tools to organize your materials. Now I’m going to show how to get the most out of this product. Let’s go!

STEP 1. Go to the Products section, open the Courses tab and click on Create a new course button.

STEP 2. Fill in the Course name, Short, and Full descriptions.

Note that. If you share the direct link to the Course,students won't reach it. Courses must be added to offers

STEP 3. Upload a cover photo or delete it if needed. The recommended size is 1280x720.

Pro tip:

use the following services to build attractive covers




Corel Draw

services to compress images



STEP 4. Add some free tasks (so your students can test them before the purchase) and Categories (click on the link to find out more about Categories).

STEP 5. Add some tasks to your Couse.

Click on the needed task to create it. There are 3 task types available within a Course:

Follow the links to learn more about each of them.

All tasks can be packed into Chapters. I’ll tell you more about them in STEP 7.

Your tasks can be:

  • available all at once, which means that your student will be able to open any lesson


  • one-by-one, which means your student won’t be able to enter the next task without completing the previous one.

STEP 6. Managing tasks.

Here are the examples of one created lesson, quiz, and workout. Easily swap them as you need!

Quizzes and workouts have unique icons for identifying. Lessons have no icons.

Delete, edit, copy, publish and unpublish your tasks here 👇🏻

After making the adjustments, once you see this popup message in the right top corner, you’re good to go - the changes are saved automatically.

STEP 7. Add Chapters.

Click on the plus and create a Chapter. Change the name and add tasks right from there.

Or you can add the existing ones to it. See how your tasks get numerated. You can swap them within the Chapter as well.

You can manage the chapters’ setting just like in the tasks: delete, copy, publish/unpublish and drip the content.

The dripping content option allows you to open access to the content partially. Just fill in the delay in days and click on Save.

You’ll see the changes here:

You can delete or change the delay anytime in the same settings.

Note: The time of delay is counted from the course opening time. For example, if you have Chapter 1 with 2 days delay and Chapter 2 with 3 days delay, Chapter 2 will be opened in 3 days after the Course was opened for your student, not from the opening the Chapter 1.

STEP 8. Add chat to your Course.

Note that a single chat can be attached to multiple courses.

If you don’t know how to create a chat, visit this article.

STEP 9. Add welcome email.

Here is the article about where and how you can edit your emails.

STEP 10. Set the price. Scroll up to Create an offer

Use the 'here' button to proceed to the Offers section:

Open the Offer, scroll down to the end of the settings and add your course like that. 👇🏻

Now the information inside the Course looks like this:

In this article, you can learn more about creating Offers.

STEP 11. Don’t forget to Save and Publish your Course. Otherwise, it will stay in Draft, and no one will see it.

Our course is finally ready! 🥳 You can manage it anytime from the Courses panel:

Now let’s see the course from the student’s end!

You can do it by clicking on the Preview button on the bottom menu or via web-version of your school:

Here it is!

Your students will see the Course name, Short description, the number of lessons, and the progression line.

Let’s open it!

Our chapter and lessons inside look great!

Note: The cover photo of the Chapter is a cover photo of your first lesson.

That’s how our course is seen from the app:

That's all 😊 If you have any questions contact us via Support Chat. We'll be glad to help!


How to create a lesson guide


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