With Offers, you can sell your content in the school. It is a tool where you will set the price, offer duration, payment type (subscription or one-time payment), what particular content you want to include in the offer, and others.

What you should know about offers:

  • The amount of products that you can include in your Offer is unlimited.

  • They can be free or paid.

  • Your students can buy a subscription to this Offer and regularly pay (recurring payments) or buy the Offer as a one-time payment.

  • They can be accessible for everyone or only via link.

  • You can set the duration for the Offer to be “Forever” (so your students will always have the opportunity to buy it) or “Temporally” (for example, a special offer that will last for a specific amount of time.

Let’s try to create one Offer together and see how it will look for students from the landing page!

Note: If you don’t know how to add Offers to the landing page yet, here is the article for you.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Offers” section on the left menu bar and click on the “Create an offer” button.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary information.

1. Offer name. The maximum amount of symbols is 40. There are numbers from the right side of the field - it is a tip about how many symbols are left. Your student will see the name of the Offer in your landing like that 👇🏻

2. Short description. The maximum amount of symbols is 200. Here you can give a quick overview of what you offer or any vital information that your students will see right from the landing page.

3. Accessible only via link. By clicking on the tick near this option, you make the Offer invisible to students you didn’t share the link with (they will see it neither on the landing page nor in the personal account). We will leave this field without a tick so that the Offer will be accessible to everyone.

4. Upload a cover photo. We don’t have any specific limitations on the size and resolution. However, we recommend using 1280x720 for the best look. The picture I uploaded 👇🏻

Is everything clear until now? Let’s go further then!

5. Short promo text. The maximum amount of symbols is 12.

6. Full description. Here you will have the opportunity to give detailed information about your Offer and use wider text formatting. Your students will see it if they enter the page of the Offer itself, not from the landing page.

7. Email sent to the students after the Offer is purchased. With this setting, you can easily manage the broadcast to all the students right after the purchase. If you don’t know how to manage Email templates, visit this article.

Good job so far! Now let’s go to the products that you can add to your Offer.

The amount of products that you can include in your offer is unlimited, remember? So you can add any courses, challenges, menus, webinars, chats, and articles you want.

By clicking on the All or Custom button, you can set the modules. For example, if we leave the “All” option, all the courses we have will be included in the Offer. If we change to the “Custom” option, we can choose which courses to include in the dropdown menu.

Note: If you set the “Custom” option but do not choose the course to add, none of your courses will be shown in your Offer.

Step 3. The content of the Offer is ready! Let’s set the price of it now.

From the right side, there is a special section for all payment settings of the Offer.

Firstly, choose if it’s going to be a Subscription (your students will have to pay regularly) type or a One-time payment. As you can see, some of the settings will differ according to what type you choose (we will look through the differences a little bit later).

Then, you should:

  • set the price

Notes: If you want your Offer to be free, set it to 0. If you’re going to test a paid Offer, but you haven’t connected the payment gateway for your school yet, just go to the “My account” - “Payment gateway” section and enter the random data.

  • choose the currency

The list of available currencies for now: EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, KZT, JPY, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, HKD, NZD, SEK, KRW, NOK, MXN, INR, ZAR, TRY, BRL, TWD, DKK, PLN, THB, IDR, HUF, CZK, ILS, CLP, PHP, AED, COP, SAR, MYR, RON, NGN, MNT, JTQ, BDT.

  • select Access duration (for one-time payment type). Here you can set for how long your students will have access to the offer after the purchase. The access will be closed automatically at the end of this time.

Possible options for now: Forever, a week, a month, three months, six months, a year.

For this type of payment, there is also one available setting that allows you to choose whether the Offer will be opened for your student right From the date of purchase or From a specific date (and even time).

Note: The Access duration settings will switch if the students buy your Offer themselves, not if you add it manually through the admin panel 👇🏻

  • select Duration (for subscription type): how often your students will be charged for the subscription.

Possible options for now: 

Stripe: a week, a month, 3 months, a year
Paypal: a month

The price is set. Well done!

Step 4: Set the Offer duration.

Forever - means that your students will be able to see your Offer from the landing page and the personal accounts permanently and buy it anytime they want.

Temporally - means that you can set the Start and Finish date for your Offer if it is a limited share, for example.

Step 5. Everything is set now! Don’t forget to click on Save so the settings won’t be lost and the Publish button (otherwise, your Offer will be in Draft mode, and the students won’t see it).

Also, you can Preview your Offer to see it from the student’s eyes or Delete it.

Note: If you want to test your Offer with the form of registration and payment, we suggest you copy the link and open it in the Incognito mode.

Your Offer is done perfectly and published, congrats! Another critical question is what changes can you make to the Offers that already been published?

Basically, you can make any adjustments to the pricing plan if none of your students have bought it yet. In the case of made purchases, the situation is different. Let’s see:

  • If you change the Subscription price, the price for the user who bought it earlier will not be changed.

  • If you change the Offer payment type, it will not be changed for users who bought it earlier. For example, if you change the Subscription type to One-time payment, students who bought it as a Subscription will be charged as before.

  • If you change the start date for a one-time payment Offer, users who purchased before the adjustments will have access to the shorter terms. For example, there was a week's access duration, and the start date was moved to 2 days ahead. In this situation, the user will have five days instead of the promised 7.

That’s all, folks! If you have any questions, please contact us via chat. We’ll be glad to assist. 😊


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