Chats help create a community among the students of your online school or just have feedback from them. Chats are available both in the browser and in the application.

Chat types:

Free chat is available for absolutely all school students. It can be used as a support chat for any questions.

Paid chat - only available to students of a specific offer (the availability of these chats are limited by offer; it can be even a free offer).

In CRM - Chats section, you create, edit and manage chats. This section is for the school administrator. Here you can see messages from your students, reply to them, delete messages. In chats, both you and your students can attach images, video, and audio files in addition to text.

It's easy to create a chat on our platform!

In the admin panel, open CRM - Chats => click Create chat.

then enter "Chat title" and add a cover image, choose Free or Paid - Subscription

If you are going to create a paid chat, you can immediately add it to the offer by ticking the Subscription box and selecting the desired offer from the list

You can attach a chat to an offer from the offer editor; there is an article about that. Next, click Create, and the chat is ready!

Important! If it is a free chat, it will automatically appear in the "Chats" section inside the online school. If the chat is for a specific offer, students will see it only after purchasing this offer.

To edit the chat settings or delete it, simply select the chat in the menu on the left and then click on the chat name. Here you can change the Chat name, price, or simply delete the chat.

After making the changes, don't forget to "Save".

Where the student sees chats

Inside the online school, the student can access the chats in the menu on the left

We wish you success in learning Gurucan!

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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