How do I set up automatic emails?

There are 2 types of letters on Gurucan: automatic and email broadcast. In this article, we'll talk about automatic emails. Let's create an automatic email that is sent when students register at your school.

How to create a letter?

To create a letter, you need to go to the Email section in Marketing. Then click "Create an email":

Next, you need to add a block (this is required!). Let's add a text block; other blocks are added in the same way as the course editor.

You ask - what is {{ }}? We'll tell you a little later. Don't forget to save your letter!

After saving, you must select the letter you just added to send after registration.

Don't forget to click on the "Save" button!

How do I create an automatic course start letter?

First, let's create a letter. For example, this:

Now let's get into the course. In the Emails section, select our letter to send when the user starts the course.

Don't forget to save the course!

Now everyone who started the course (both free and paid) will be sent an automatic letter.

Background, buttons, and text colors can be changed

What data can be dynamically inserted into emails?

You can insert data about your users and courses into the body and subject of your email in Gurucan. You can do it using the {{ }} construction. When sending a letter, it is replaced with the user's mail, name, or other data that you want to substitute.


  • {{}} - user email

  • {{}} - username

  • {{user.password}} - user password


  • {{course.title}} - course title


  • {{domain}} - your subdomain on


Topic of the letter:

Congratulations on starting your course {{course.title}}

Will be sent as:

Congratulations on starting the Entertaining Programming course

Text of the letter:


Your username at Programming for All School: {{}}

Password: {{user.password}}

Will be sent as:


Your username at Programming for All School:

Password: 12312312

How to insert a link with confirmation mail during registration?

To confirm the email in the registration letter (and only in it!), you can insert the following special link to confirm the mail:



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