There are seven different modules available on Gurucan where you can pack your content:

  • Courses

  • Challenges

  • Articles

  • Chats

  • Nutritions

  • Webinars

  • Offers

You can manage them from Online school settings > General section:

Modules are located in the left bar of the school’s web version and the bottom menu in the app. That is how it looks like:

Here is a quick overview of the modules’ possibilities:

Courses — this is the basic block with chapters and lessons, quizzes, and workouts.

Challenges — allow you to create tasks that are connected to specific dates.

Nutritions — includes meal plans and recipes.

Articles — there, you can post additional materials, blogs, or news.

Chats — this is an excellent tool for creating community and receiving feedback from your students.

Webinars - real-time broadcast where you can present your school or have live lessons.

Offers - is the tool for selling your product.

If you don’t need all of the modules, you can switch them off by removing the tick in the settings.

Also, you can choose any icon for your module here:

It will appear on the web version of the school and in the app as well:

What else can you do with the modules? Change their names to whatever you want (with the ten symbols limit). Please note that changing the name doesn’t affect the work and other settings of this module.

The settings module is always available, and you cannot hide it.

IMPORTANT: Webinars and Offers are not available via the app.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through chat on the page’s right bottom corner. 😊

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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