Promo-codes and discounts are great tools to attract new clients to your products. Gurucan can provide you the opportunity to add promo-codes and coupons. Let's observe how to do that. There are several simple steps:

1) In your Admin panel, go to the Marketing section

2) We need the "Coupons" section. Next step - "+ Create a new coupon"

3) Now, let's fill in all the required fields

  • Coupon name - type the name of your discount. It will not be visible to your users.
  • Coupon code - write the code itself that users will use to get a discount. If you leave the field empty, the code will be generated automatically.
  • Discount type - there are two types of discounts:

1) Percent - write the number of % of your discount

2) Amount of money - choose the currency and white the amount of money of your discount

Choose one that is most suitable for you

  • Start date - white the date of the beginning of discount
  • End date - write the expiration date of the promo code or leave this field empty to make it active forever

4) Save changes and publish it. Now it's ready.

We wish you success in promoting your projects with promo-codes and discounts! If you have any questions, just write to our support chat!

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