To connect to PayPal you need to have a Business account there.

Let's start!

STEP 1. Open your Gurucan admin panel. Go to the "My Account" section.

STEP 2. We are interested in the "Payment Gateway" section. Push on this button.

STEP 3. Choose the desired option. In our case, it's PayPal

4) Type the required information: Your PayPal Client ID and your PayPal secret. You can find them here:

Important note! Please use the Live keys, Sandbox keys are not supported yet.

Don't forget to Save changes.

5) Before you start selling your products, we recommend making the test purchases to ensure everything works fine.

If your test payment didn't go through for some reason, we recommend visiting this article with the most frequent solutions.

Good luck! If you have any questions, our support team is always ready to help. 🤗

You can find the instructions about how to connect to Stripe in this article.

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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