As you know, Gurucan supports two services that you can connect with your Gurucan account as a payment gateway. One of these is PayPal.

Let's observe how to link PayPal to your Gurucan account to receive payments.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you can connect to only one payment gateway at the moment. If you wish there would be an opportunity to connect both, upvote for this feature on our roadmap.

If you want to switch the payment gateway to another, make sure you disabled which was connected in the first place.

There are a few simple steps:

1) Open your Gurucan admin panel. Go to the "My Account" section.

2) We are interested in the "Payment Gateway" section. Push on this button.

3) Choose the desired option. In our case, it's PayPal

4) Type the required information: Your PayPal Client ID and your PayPal secret. You can find them here:

Don't forget to save changes.

5) Before you start selling your products, we recommend making the test purchases to ensure everything works fine.

Good luck! If you have any difficulties, our support team is always ready to help.

You can find the instructions about how to connect to Stripe in this article.

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