Gurucan can be easily connected to your Clickfunnels website. Using Clickfunnels integration you can:

  • Add new students to Gurucan as soon as they provide their contact details on your Clickfunnels page.
  • Provide students access to courses after purchasing something on Clickfunnels

How to enable integration?

Go to Integrations in your Gurucan admin panel and enable Clickfunnels integration

You'll get a list of webhooks that can be pasted in Clickfunnels.

First of all let's discuss what is a webhook. Webhook is a process of sending a message from Clickfunnels to Gurucan when something happens on your Clickfunnels websites.

Clickfunnels sends messages in 6 different situations, also called events:

And Gurucan can handle this events and create account for students, or even open access to some Offers.

Gurucan has two types of webhooks:

  1. Main webhook. This URL just creates an account for the student, and sends credentials (if required)
  2. Offer webhook. This URL also opens access for the student to the corresponding Gurucan Offer

How to set up Clickfunnels?

Go to your funnels settings

Find webhooks and edit them

Press "New Webhook"

Paste the URL from your Gurucan admin panel, depending on what offer you want to open access to, select events you'd like to handle and select json adapter (that's important)

Additional options:

Add ?disable_signup_email=1 to the webhook URL to disable student signup email

Add ?disable_payment_email=1 to the webhook URL to disable payment confirmation email

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