To sell in-app purchases you need to create in-app products and wait for them to get approved. First you need to select your product type. Google and Apple differ a little here, this guide can help you select your product type.

Offer with forever access

This can be a single course, or multiple courses bundled into a single offer sold once with forever access.

Apple: Non-consumable in-app purchase

Google: Product

Offer with limited access

This can be either a one-time purchase of course that lasts for a month or two (e.g. a challenge), or a on offer that expires after some time. The main thing here is that the content you're selling can be bought again after some time and you don't charge students on a recurring basis.

Apple: Non-Renewable in-app subscription

Google: Product

Recurring subscription

This can be a membership, or any recurring subscription that provides access to some content until student is paying for it.

Apple: Auto-Renewable Subscription

Google: Subscription


To create an Apple in-app subscription you'll need:

  • Come up with a unique Product ID (it's better to use the same for Google and Apple)

  • Select a price according to Apple pricing matrix (please note that prices can differ a little in various countries and the payment will be processed in users currency)

Here's an example on how to fill out the Apple subscription:

Also you'll need to submit a screenshot, which required, but optional at the same time. You'll need to upload an exact image 640x920px. You can use this:

When creating in-app subscription for Apple you'll also need to create a Subscription Group. These groups are created for preventing users purchases of the same product via different subscriptions. So typically one product should have a single group with every subscription for every time period.

After it's filled out you'll need to wait for the in-app purchase to get approved by Apple. First in-app purchase is validated with the first release of your app and others are moderated separately and usually take a few days to get published.


Creating product for Google Play apps is easy. Just select a unique Product ID, enter name, description and price.

For subscriptions you need to add some more info. We suggest to set it like this:

Setting up Gurucan

After in-apps are created, just enter their names in Gurucan admin panel on the corresponding Offer page. Please note: offers price is recommended to have the same price as your in-app purchases, but it's also possible to have different prices on every platform.

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