On the Gurucan platform, each user can make their online school's appearance unique using absolutely any color scheme. Customization of visual elements is available on any tariff plan. Therefore, for your online school to look special and stand out, it is unnecessary to have a white-label application - all this is available with the general Gurucan application.

School customization is available for both apps and web versions of your online courses.

How to choose a color theme in the Gurucan admin panel?

Go to the admin panel and select "Online School Settings," then "General," and then scroll down to select a color scheme.

There are two options available: Simple color configuration and Detailed color configuration.

In the Simple color configuration, you will be able to choose a template: light or dark theme.

Also, the designers of the Gurucan team have created several color schemes that you can use.

But if you want to make your own unique design, then you can independently choose and customize the color scheme using Detailed color configuration. You can choose absolutely any color for the menu, background, text. To do this, you need to tick the Detailed color configuration option and start experimenting with colors.

Note: simple color configuration will be unavailable once you enable the detailed one. It will be unclickable.

Here is the сheck list that we've prepared for you:

A few tips on how to customize a cool color scheme yourself

The Gurucan team shares a few tips on how you can create the perfect color scheme for your online courses if you don't feel like choosing a template scheme but want to make your own.

  • The background should be in contrast to the text's color, additional text, and the complementary color. Below you can see an example of how the black background contrasts with the light gray text.

  • The background of the menu should contrast with the color of the menu text. Below you can see how the darker menu text appears against the contrasting light gray background.

  • Suppose you make the color of the menu and the menu's color highlighting different (a rather insignificant difference). In that case, a hover appears in the menu; that is, the color changes on the mouse hover. The example below shows how the hover effect appears in the Challenges section.

  • We recommend that the menu highlight color contrast with the menu background color. In the image below, light gray contrasts with deep blue.

  • We recommend not to touch the Text color on a dark background, as dark backgrounds are mostly photographs/images).

  • It is recommended to make the accent color bright and contrasting in relation to the background and cards' colors.

Here are the samples of color schemes made by the Gurucan team. Get inspired!

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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