We want Gurucan to be the best platform for creators, and that's why we are constantly gathering, analyzing, and implementing your feature requests on our Public Roadmap.

See how many great things we realized with your help? And we're not planning to stop 🚀

So what to do if you need a feature that is missing?

STEP 1. Search if there is already something that's been suggested by keywords.

STEP 2. If you haven't found anything related, go ahead and create a new feature request!

  • Important: For our product team to get the best understanding of exactly what you are looking for, it would be great if you would add a detailed description there with more information about your particular use case.

  • Images will help us tremendously 🖼

  • Leave your email, and you'll receive all the updates about the feature status.

Feature statuses and map structure.

So what if you searched for the feature and found one? It has a status from which you can understand what is going with this request.

The same statuses are displayed in the top panel.

  • Completed

Here you will find all the completed updates that are already available for usage.

  • In progress

Here are displayed features and updates that we currently have in production and going to realize soon.

  • Planned

In this tab, you can find features that are approved for further production and will be implemented.

  • In review

That means that the following features are not still approved. We brainstorm the proper way to implement these suggestions or evaluate if they coordinate with our strategic alignment.

  • Suggested

This tab is waiting for your suggestions and is full of brand new ones that haven't been processed in any way yet.

Upvote and comment on all the features you see on the map, share your unique experience. It will help us to build a product that will be perfect for your needs ✨

  • Rejected

Some features that you may find are in rejected status. It means that for some reason, we don't have the ability to implement it any time soon. But we don't just reject. We share the explanation with you. Just dive into a feature and check:

Additional info.

  • Follow our Changelog to be updated on all recent adjustments on the Roadmap.

Thank you for all the feature requests! Keep going 💪

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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