To add HTTPs to your online school, you need to connect your domain first.

To connect an SSL certificate, you need to configure the DNS records of your domain.

We recommend doing this with CloudFlare, as this service also provides free SSL certificates.

If there is no possibility for you to use Cloudflare, contact our support team to get help (provide your email and domain).

Make sure that traffic caching on CloudFlare is enabled. Be sure that the clouds are orange (like it's in the picture).

In the Crypto section, set SSL to Flexible.

On the Page Rules page, click Create Page Rule.

To redirect http addresses to a secure address, add another rule:

http in the first field

https in the second field

We recommend using a 302, not a 301 redirect.

Why: When putting 301, the redirect will be cached in the browser, and you won't be able to enter the site for some time in case of a mistake. 302 setting is not being cashed. If you are sure you set everything correctly, then you can use 301 as well.

Note: The domain names with www and without are different domains.

Everything should work! If you have any difficulties, please contact our technical support. We will be happy to help you!

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