In this article:

  • Briefly: what is a domain name

  • Automatic Gurucan subdomain

  • 2 ways to set up your own domain

  • Domain purchasing

  • Creating a subdomain on your own website (this chapter will be added later)

  • DNS settings

  • Add your domain to Tech settings

  • Link check

  • Troubleshooting

  • FAQ

1. What is a domain name?

A domain name is the identity of one or more IP addresses; for example, the domain name points to the IP address "74.125. 127.147".

2. Automatic Gurucan subdomain

After you’re registered on Gurucan, you get an automatic domain name, like

For example.

My login (email) on Gurucan is

And my Gurucan domain is

That's how my students will see my school's address:

In case you want to stay with the Gurucan domain but change the automatically issued title to a customized one (for example, I want my school's address to be instead of, visit this article with the instructions.

But if you need to connect your own unique domain and get the while-label web without mentioning Gurucan, here are the following steps for your case ⬇️

Note: Custom domain is available only on Expert and Guru plans. Learn more here.

3. Two ways to set up your own domain

  • to purchase it

  • to create a subdomain on your own website

3.1 Connecting a newly purchased domain.

Let’s go online shopping!

To connect your own domain on Gurucan, you can purchase it. We recommend GoDaddy, Namecheap, websites.

I selected GoDaddy. It’s pretty simple.

  • First, you need to select your domain. Type in some name

If this domain is unavailable, you’ll see the following info.

If the domain is free, you can add it to Cart.

  • Then, select a suitable plan.

  • Select a period.

Congrats! You've purchased your domain.

3.2. Creating a subdomain for your existing site.

The steps might differ slightly depending on which domain provider you use, but the logic is the same. Here is a simple instruction on creating a subdomain on Hostinger.

4. DNS (Domain Name System) settings

From here, the steps for a newly purchased domain and a subdomain for your existing site are almost the same. It's time to edit the DNS records.

To connect your domain, you need to set the following A-records:

@ to

www to

For a subdomain, you need to edit only the subdomain's A-records (not your general site) to as well.

NOTE: In case you want to connect the domain with www, i.e, then you need to update the records not only for, but for too.

6. Add domain to Tech settings

Indicate your domain in the Online School Settings - Tech settings section.

Don't use the "_" symbol and capital letters in the domain name.

Note: if you're connecting a subdomain from your existing site, make sure you indicate the subdomain (i.e and not the general site.

As soon as you add your own domain, you don’t need the Gurucan subdomain anymore.

7. Link check

  • Don't forget to check if your domain is leading to the Gurucan page now. If so, good job!

  • If not, please wait within 24 hours - it's a max time of connecting.

  • If there were 24 hours but still no luck, follow to the 9. Troubleshooting section below. leads to the Gurucan platform πŸŽ‰

8. Troubleshooting

What to do if there were 24 hours since connecting, but the site still won't work?

  • Check if your domain name is indicated correctly in the Tech settings of your admin panel. We strongly recommend going back to Step 6 and double-checking it.

  • Make sure that you've deleted all the unnecessary records from your DNS settings that you're not using anymore or which were connected to the previous sites.

  • Some records are prohibited from using while using Gurucan, so make sure they are deleted:

    AAAA records

    CAA records

    CNAME records

  • The last recommendation here is to contact your domain provider support and ask for help. You can send the link to this article as a reference.

9. Is my domain secure? Do I have to connect SSL for my domain?

Your domain is secure and there is nothing to do from your side πŸŽ‰ SSL for your domain is issued automatically once your domain is connected. It can take 24-48 hours.

In case you've followed all the steps without luck, contact us through Support chat, and we'll help out.


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