Gurucan is friendly to all popular web analytics systems. You can connect the meters in the "Online school settings" - "Tech Settings" section.

Gurucan transmits key events about your students' actions to all connected analytics systems. Attention! So far, data is transmitted only from the web version; mobile analytics is not yet available.

List of events transmitted to analytics systems:

Event Name: student_signup

Event Description: Student Registration

Extra options:

user_id - user id

Event name: student_login

Event Description: Student login to the web platform

Extra options:

user_id - user id

Event name: student_course_start

Event Description: Start of the course by the student

Extra options:

user_id - user id

course_id - course id

Event Name: student_exercise_complete

Event Description: Completion of the lesson by the student

Extra options:

exercise_id - lesson id

Event name: student_course_buy

Event Description: Student Buying Course

Extra options:

user_id - student id

course_id - course id

Event name: student_plan_buy

Event Description: Buying an offer by a student

Extra options:

user_id - student id

Event name: student_course_buy_attempt

Event description: Clicking on the buy offer button (payment not completed yet)

Extra options:

user_id - student id

Google Analytics connection

You can find your Tracking ID like this:

1) Go to

2) Sign in to your account.

3) Select the counter you need at the top

4) Bottom left click on the Admin button

5) Go to the Tracking Code page as in the screenshot:

Tracking ID must be inserted into the Gurucan admin panel, along with UA-

after that Gurucan will send all events to Google Analytics.

Attention! Google Analytics displays events with a delay, it may take up to a day for events to appear in Google Analytics.

Gurucan transmits the value as category: gurucan-web

action - name of the event, for example student_course_buy.

Facebook Pixel connection

To connect a Facebook pixel, you need to copy the pixel ID from the ad account interface. In the top menu, choose Events Manager - Pixels.

Select the desired pixel, copy its ID and paste it into the Gurucan admin panel. Well done! No additional configuration is required.

Congratulations on setting up your analytics! If you have any questions - we are available in our chat.

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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