A landing page is a one-page site that briefly and succinctly provides information about your online school. Visitors arrive at the landing page through email newsletters, contextual, banner, or targeted advertising. The main task of a landing page is to convert visitors into a lead or a buyer.

What link will the landing page be available for?

  • By default, the address is https://DomainWhenRegistering.gurucan.com

  • If you have your domain and you connected it to the Gurucan, then the landing page will also be available by your domain name

So, let's move on to creating a landing page.

Step 1

Go to the section "Online school settings" - "Landing"

Step 2

Open the existing landing page or create a new one

Step 2

Add the necessary blocks for our site using the "Add block" button

The following block types are available:

Rich text - text that can be edited and formatted

Image - pictures of almost any format

Video - mp4 format, and there are no restrictions on video size on the platform

YouTube - add a link to a YouTube video

Gallery - standard image gallery

Quotes - picture + text, can be used to create reviews

Questions - list of questions, expands when clicked

Advantages - a special block with pictures and short phrases, where you can concisely describe the advantages of your course

Cover photo - the main picture. This photo will be the background for the Header and Text fields

Memberships - and this block will add all your available offers to your landing page

Form - adding a form for filling out information by the user. You can choose different actions after the user completes filling the form

Button - create a button link leading to the URL you choose

HTML - add custom html code

App - link to your application

An important point! the "Memberships" blocks already come with a "Buy" button, by clicking on which the client will proceed to checkout.

All blocks are arranged vertically, one after another. Blocks can be swapped by either dragging with the mouse or using the arrows to the right of the block. You can also delete a block using the trash can icon.

After all the changes, you must click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Step 4

Now that you've added the necessary blocks to the landing page, you probably want to know how the site will look live. It couldn't be easier! At the very bottom of the page, there is a "Preview", click on it and the site will open. You will see it through the eyes of a client.

Step 5

Hooray! Looks great. Now your online school has its own website, and you can run ads and get clients!

Here is an example of a landing page created on our constructor:


That's all! Congratulation! You've just created your own landing page! : )



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