How to change interface colors and add branding to your courses?

Gurucan platform allows everyone to brand their online courses with unique color schemes. Visual customization is available for every pricing plan, even for Creator’s one. So, you don’t need to have a white label app to have a custom color branding, you can enjoy it with a Gurucan app as well.

Appearance customization applies to both app and web versions of your online courses.

How to choose a color scheme at Gurucan?

To choose a color scheme for your online course, you need to go to your admin panel.

Choose ‘Online school settings’, then ‘General’ and then scroll till the color scheme feature appears.

There is a possibility to choose either a light or a dark scheme.

There are several templates created by Gurucan designers so you can choose any of these pre-established ones.

However, you can set up a detailed color configuration for your courses. To choose any color for various app sections such as background, menu, cards, select ‘detailed color configuration’ and then start experimenting with the colors.

Some tips on how to make color scheme looks great

Gurucan designers have come with some tips on how to make the perfect color scheme for your online courses if you don’t want to choose a template scheme but go with your custom one.

  • The text, additional, and additional text should be on a background and cards of contrasting colour. Here you can see a black background which contrasts with light grey texts.

  • Menu text should be on a background of contrasting colour. You can see a darker menu text on the contrast light grey background in the picture below.

  • If you choose different colors for menu highlight and menu text (even a slight difference in colors is enough), a hover effect appears (an alteration of the appearance of a component in the graphical interface once the mouse is hovering over it).

Below you can see a hover effect on the Challenges section.

  • We recommend choosing a menu highlight color that will contrast with the menu background color. Here a light grey color contrasts an intense blue one.

  • We recommend not to change Text on a dark background color as dark background usually refers to photos and pictures.

  • Accent color should contrast with background and cards. Here a bright orange color contrasts with grey and white colors of background and cards.

Examples created by Gurucan team to get inspired

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