As you remember, there are General, Local, and Private chats. How to create them you’ll find in the Create chat and Private chat articles.

General chat is available for all students of your online school, no matter what product of the school student use. That is why it’s unnecessary to manage them or connect them to any of your products. You can only Create or Delete these chats.

Private chat also doesn’t need to be connected with the specific product of your school. If it’s activated, the private chat may be started in the general chat window. If it is not activated, it will be hidden and unavailable.

Local chat is available only for users of a specific online product (for example, Course or Challenge) or for several products. Below there is an instruction, how to connect local chat with the selected product.

How to attach a chat to memberships?

Step 1

We are considering the situation when chat is already created. If not, read this article about how to do that. As an example, we created a chat called “Chat – Course №1,” which we want to connect to our offer.

Step 2

Go to the "Offers" section and select the one we want to attach to the chat.

Step 3

Next, we need to scroll down the page to the “Add chats to plan” option, which we switch to “Custom,” and in the drop-down list, select the previously created chat. Don't forget to click "Save" button.

Great, now the students who bought this offer have their own chat!

Good luck with learning Gurucan!

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